Why your Japanese made vehicle needs a 7 way round wiring connector

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May 23, 2011
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August 5, 2011

The most common reason for delays we have in getting customers started on their trip is improper vehicle wiring. All of the camper rentals we offer have a seven way round wiring connection. This is a very common type of wiring connector for any RV. We strongly recommend that customers have this type of wiring connector properly installed on their vehicle to ensure a trouble free start to your trip. If you have a Japanese made vehicle, particularly Honda or Toyota, it is critical you install this type of connector.

Why is this so important? First some explanation as to the difference in American vs Japanese vehicles in terms of wiring. Many Japanese cars will come with a wiring connector known as a four way flat, four pins in a row, one encased in plastic, three other bare pins. Although we have adapters to convert this type of connector to the 7 way round on the campers, our experience is that with Honda and Toyota, the success rate of these adapters is only about 50%.

The reason is that American made cars have a tail light bulb with two filaments, one for brakes, the other for turn signals. Japanese cars have two separate bulbs, one for each purpose. When a trailer light connector is installed on a Japanese vehicle, a converter is installed on the vehicle to bring these two wires down to one wire for both left and right tail/brake lights. The charge has to travel through the vehicle, through the converter, then through the adapter, and finally, back 15 to 20 feet to the rear of the camper. This requires a fairly strong charge, and this in turn requires significant electrical ground capability for the trailer light connection to your vehicle. A four way flat connector simply does not have enough grounding capability to make this work. What happens if your vehicle does not have sufficient grounding capability to operate the lights on the camper? First we can’t let you take the camper off our lot, it is against the law. Second, you have to find a mechanic somewhere who is willing to drop their other work to re-wire your vehicle. If you decide to cancel, there is no refund, you would be cancelling without notice, we have virtually no chance of re-renting the camper, and in general we can’t be responsible for making sure your vehicle is tow ready. A very bad way to start your vacation.

Please have a 7 way round wiring connector installed on your vehicle to ensure a trouble free start to your trip. One note, the 7 way round plug offers the capability of having a trailer brake controller and charge line installed on your vehicle. If you are renting a tent camper from us, you do not need either one of these optional items. Most of our campers are equipped with trailer brakes, but you need an electronic controller on your vehicle to make them function. In Colorado and Wyoming, you are not required to have trailer brakes unless your trailer ways more than 3000 lbs., none of our tent campers do. The travel trailers do exceed this weight limit, and you are required to have an electronic controller on your vehicle if you are renting a travel trailer. Trailer brakes are a very good safety feature, but one that is not required. The charge line will charge your camper battery as you drive down the road. We provide the camper with a fully charged battery, you won’t add any charge going on your trip, only on the way home.

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