Viking A-Frame V12 RBST

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March 25, 2016
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December 20, 2016

We’ve been in the pop-up rental business for 20 years, and while we love and adore our pop-ups, we have branched out into the Travel Trailer side of things within the last few years.  With an increased demand for hardsides, and a few extra amenities, the travel trailers have been some of our most popular rentals! That being said, we like to stick to our pop-up roots…

We are proud to introduce the Viking A-Frame camper into our rental fleet!

This A-Frame is the best of both worlds: the convenience and easy towability of a pop-up, the security and increased amenities of a hard sided travel trailer!

Viking V12 RBST

Viking V12 RBST

The Viking V12 RBST offers an ideal combination of tent camper and hard sided travel trailer;  Measuring 16′ travel length, with an interior length of 12′, this unit gives your the dependability and convenience of a pop up and the luxury of a hardsided travel trailer.  Complete with a Queen size bed, with full and ample storage underneath that can be accessed from the inside and the outside of the camper, you also have a full size dinette (45″ x 80″) that is comfortable enough to have four adults around, but will also convert down into a full size bed! This is the perfect camper for two people to explore the country in but can also be adjusted if you are traveling with little ones.  For me, this is the best option when I want to hit the wide open road with my dog Harley (Yes! We are pet friendly!), as we can both fit in the camper comfortably, with very little hassle in set up or towing from National Park to National Park.

Once you arrive at your destination, set up is a breeze! Unlatch and lift the roof about a foot, and then the hydraulic system inside brings the “cathedral ceiling” up the rest of the way; simply lift up the supporting walls and you’re camping! How easy is that!?  Outfitted with bay-style windows above your kitchen and “star-gazer” windows above the bed and dinette area, keeps this camper flooded with light during your trip. Reminiscent of tent camping, in both shape and window placement, you can keep yourself dry and comfortable, up and off the ground, in a unit that is easier to set up than your tent!

Weighing in at about 2,700 lbs this camper is your hotel on wheels, and easily transported from favorite locale to favorite locale, whether that is a road trip through the The Great Sand Dunes National Park down to Mesa Verde National Park or an escape down to the Grand Canyon, this little guy will get you there and keep you comfortable! Complete with Air Conditioning, Furnace, Stove, Sink, Fridge, Microwave, Awning, Bluetooth compatible stereo and ample storage space;  Not only does this unit have full, accessible storage underneath the main bed, there is storage underneath one of the dinette benches and a full storage trunk on the front of the camper!  You’ll run out of items to store before you run out of storage space.

The only question left is, what adventure is this A-Frame going to join you on??


For more information on the Viking V12 RBST, feel free to visit our website here or by calling our office at 800.250.3184/303.680.3670

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