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Campers for Sale in Colorado

campers for sale in Colorado

Have you considered owning your own RV or camper? We are happy to announce that Adventure Camper now sells both new and used campers in Denver, Colorado. Skip the rental process and enjoy your own camper year-round! Take more vacations, save time and money, and create family memories that will last a lifetime.

Worried about gas costs or having to upgrade your car? We sell Viking ultra light campers, which can be towed behind any V6, and some models still sleep up to 5 people.

When you a camper buy from Adventure Camper Rentals, you know you’re getting a first-class, top-quality camper. Contact us at 1-303-680-3670 or visit us at 14051 E Davies Ave, Englewood, CO to learn more about our Colorado camper sales.


The Viking Warrantee for New Camper Sales

All our new Viking Products are guaranteed with the industry leading Viking warrantee.

  • Lift System (Lifetime Warranty)
  • Vinyl Tent (5-Year Warranty)
  • Roll Out System (5-Year Warranty)
  • Frame (5-Year Warranty)
  • Roof Assembly (5-Year Warranty)
  • AL-KO® Ultralube Spring Axle (1-Year Warranty)
  • AL-KO® Ultralube Rubber Suspension Axle (5-Year Warranty)
  • Refrigerator (3-Year Warranty)
  • Plumbing System (10/25-Year Warranty)
  • Electronic Converter (2-Year Warranty)
  • Roof Exterior (2-Year Warranty)