Frequently Asked Questions

Is this your first time camping in a pop-up or travel trailer? Don’t worry; the incredible team at Adventure Camper Rentals is here to help you plan a stellar family vacation. Look below for answers to some of the most common questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 720/503-0249 and ask one of our professionals your question as well.

General Questions

1. I’ve never used a tent trailer before; are they easy to set up?

Our Viking® campers are very easy to set up. If you are renting a pop-up, prior to your trip, watch our simple setup video. It covers all the basics, from how to set the camper up to the correct way to use the appliances. Before you leave, we’ll also give you a private orientation. We’ll walk you through the camper and instruct you on how to set up and operate your camper. If you are renting a travel trailer we cover everything in our private orientation at time of pickup.  Furthermore, if you have a question once you’re traveling, we have a 24/7 support line to help you.

2. Do you require a security deposit? What are the fees involved in a rental?

None of our camping trailers or passenger vans include collision coverage, it may be worth checking with your insurance agent to see if your policy will provide coverage for you. If you are renting a camping trailer we offer a damage waiver for $70 per week  which provides $0 full coverage for the trailer if you are staying at a developed campground served by at least a county maintained gravel road. You are not required to purchase the damage waiver coverage, but we strongly recommend it as any damage will be your responsibility and cost far more than the $70 fee. If you choose to decline our damage waiver, or cannot be offered the coverage (any off-road use), we will place an authorization on the card provided in the amount of $500 to cover potential damage or other charges at the time of rental. This authorization will release after return of the camper without damage. If you are renting a passenger van, we offer $250 deductible damage coverage for $22 per day which provides coverage up to $20,000.

At the time of reservation we will usually ask for 50% down to hold the reservation.  Then on, or about, 21 days before pick up the final balance would be charged to the card on file.  We like to consider all of our rentals “camp ready”, which means all the basic necessities that you would need to have an enjoyable trip are included at no additional cost.  A utility bucket complete with chocks, lighter, adapters, spare fuses, matches, troubleshooting guide, owners manual, lug wrench, dust pan and broom, etc. included in the camper, as well as a full tank of propane and a fully charged battery.  Unlike other rental companies, you do not need to bring your propane tank back full, or the battery recharged.

3. What is your reservation and cancellation policy?

Campers- At the time of reservation we will ask for 50% down to hold the reservation.  Then on, or about, 21 days before pick up the final balance would be charged to the card on file. We understand that things come up.  If for some reason you needed to cancel your vacation (what a bummer!) our cancellation policy is as follows:  Cancellation more than 21 days in advance of your pick up, we would refund all monies paid minus a $50 per vehicle cancellation fee.  If you cancel within that 21 day time frame, you are responsible for the rental in full, and it would be too late to cancel in order to receive a refund.  We will attempt to rent the camper to another customer. While we can’t guarantee success, you will be relieved of your responsibility if we find someone else to rent it.

Vans- We require a $50 non-refundable deposit to make a reservation, we charge the balance due to the card on file 72 hours prior to pickup, at this time you are too late to cancel and receive a refund unless we are able to re-rent the van to another customer.

4. Do I need insurance?

Generally yes. None of our campers or vans come with collision coverage, your own insurance may cover you for a rental, please check with your agent. We do offer a $0 deductible collision-damage waiver for a flat rate of $70 per week for a camper. While we recommend this strongly, you’re not required to purchase it. However, please realize that any damage done to the camper will cost much more than the $70 damage waiver.

If you’re getting an van rental from us, most personal car insurances or credit card companies insure rentals. Please check with your agent and confirm this. If not, we offer damage coverage for $22 per day which provides $250 deductible up to $20,000.

Camper Amenities

5. Do any of your units have toilets?

Our hard-sided travel trailer rentals do have toilets, our pop up camper rentals do not.

6. Do any of your units have showers?

Yes, all of our Viking pop up campers are equipped with exterior showers. Our Viking Ultra Light and larger travel trailers have indoor and outdoor showers.

7. Do any of your units have air conditioning?

Our hard-sided travel trailers and A-Frame hard side popup campers have air conditioning units inside.  If you are planning on renting a camper with A/C you will need to stay at a campground with a 30A electrical service or rent one of our 3000W generators.  It’s important to keep in mind where you are camping.

8. Why is an A-Frame camper a good choice for me?

Our Viking A-Frame campers give you the best of both worlds; the ease and light towing weight of a pop-up but the luxury of being hard sided. Ideal for two, but can sleep up to four.  Strategically placed windows allow light to flood in and take advantage of the high ceilings that you get in this unit.  Perfect for a couple who wants to hit the road, or a family of four, as the dinette area will turn into a full size bed as well.


9. Will my vehicle be able to tow one of your campers?

The easiest way to find out your vehicle’s towing capacity is to check your owner’s manual or to call the dealer, we can help you as well. We carry a wide variety of trailer weights, so we normally have something for everybody. If your vehicle isn’t powerful enough to tow the trailer you want, we have powerful van rentals that can tow any of our trailers. A convenient way to reserve both a camper and a towing vehicle is to get our camp-and-drive combo.

10. Will my vehicle be able to tow a travel trailer?

We are now carrying the Viking Ultra Light Travel trailers. These are fully featured travel trailers which weigh less than 3000 lbs. and can be towed by most 6 cylinder vehicles. In order to tow these trailers,  you must have a vehicle with at least a 3500 lb. towing capacity. The Viking 21′ travel trailers are heavier units and require a vehicle with 5000lb towing capacity. All travel trailer rentals require at least a Class III hitch on your vehicle, a seven way round wiring connection as well as an electronic brake controller.

If your vehicle can’t support a travel trailer, the easiest solution is to rent one of our vans. We have them at affordable rates, and they’re all equipped to tow our larger trailers. Also, all of our pop-up campers, including the A Frame Hardside Pop Up, weigh much less and are easily towable with lighter towing capacity vehicles.

11. What kind of hitch and wiring do I need to tow your campers?

Our pop-up campers require a Class II hitch with a 2-inch trailer ball, the top of the ball should be 18″ off the ground, no less than 16″, no more than 20″.

The travel trailers require a Class III hitch, seven way round wiring connector and an electric trailer brake controller installed on your vehicle. We provide a weight distributing hitch with the camper. We also offer a rental brake controller, however your vehicle is still required to have a seven way round wiring connection.

Our campers are equipped with seven-way round plugs for the vehicle wiring. Although we do have adapters to convert many different types of vehicle plugs to our campers, we always recommend having the correct connection on your vehicle. Travel trailers require a seven way round wiring connector, there are no substitutions. Please call us to discuss the specifics of your vehicle and the camper you’re planning on renting.

The most common reason for a delay during pickup is if your vehicle hitch or wiring is not operable. If that happens, we’re prohibited by law from allowing you to take your camper. Please have a qualified hitch and wiring installer examine your vehicle before pickup to eliminate any problems.

12. How can I find out what class of hitch is on my vehicle?

If you have a frame-mounted receiver hitch below your bumper, first determine the dimensions of the square hole. If it is two inches, you have at least a Class III hitch, and you can tow any of our trailers.

If the square is 1.25 inches, you either have a Class I or a Class II hitch. The capacity information should be on a sticker or engraved into the steel arms of the hitch that attach to your vehicle.

If you see a 200 lb. tongue weight/2000 lb. towing weight, you have a Class I hitch and are not able to tow any of Adventure Campers’ units until you upgrade to at least a Class II hitch. 350 lb. tongue weight/3500 lb. towing weight is a Class II, with which you can tow everything we carry except the Milan Travel Trailers.

Pickup, Delivery, and Reservations

13. What are your business hours? Can I pick up and return my rental anytime?

Adventure Camper Rentals is open Monday–Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Pickup times are by appointment only, scheduled between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. We give priority for earliest pickup times based upon the date of reservation. You must return your rentals during business hours, anytime from 8 a.m. until 12 p.m. Campers may not be dropped off after-hours.

14. How long will it take to pick up my camper?

It normally takes about 45 minutes to sign paperwork and give you a setup tutorial. The most common reason for a delay is if your vehicle hitch or wiring is not operable or incorrrect. If that happens, we are  prohibited by law from allowing you to take your camper. Please have a qualified hitch and wiring installer examine your vehicle before pickup to eliminate any problems, we are happy to provide this service at no charge.

15. Do you offer pickup and delivery services at airports?

Yes, we do. Please let us know your flight information when you make your vehicle or camper reservation. We offer airport pickup at either Denver International or Littleton Airport during business hours, M-F 8-4, Sat 8-3. Call us at 720/503-0249 (800-250-3184) for more details.

16. How far in advance should I reserve my rental?

You’ve heard that the early bird gets the worm. This is very true with our rentals. Although we have a large fleet of campers, they’re often booked early. So, in order to get the size, type, and layout you prefer, it’s best to book as early as possible. Below is our suggested timeline for making reservations:

  • We require at minimum 72 hours before pickup.
  • For spring break and early-season camping, book 2–3 weeks in advance.
  • For summer vacation, book 4–6 weeks in advance.
  • For holiday weekends, book 1–2 months in advance.
  • For hunting and late-season camping, book 2–3 weeks in advance.

Differences between campers, trailers, and RVs

17. How will towing a camper vs. towing a travel trailer affect my gas mileage?

Typically, gas mileage is the number one concern for those who are considering the switch between tent camping and camper camping! The good news? We have a variety of camper layouts and sizes, to help calm any gas guzzling fears.  The rule of thumb: The heavier the trailer, the poorer the gas mileage.  A good place to start, but keep in mind the type of terrain that you will be driving!  Are you traveling up the steep rocky mountains? Or are you headed out to the expanse of highway that will take you to Yellowstone?  All of these factors will affect your gas mileage, but here are our rough estimates:

  •  24′ Milan Travel Trailers will reduce your gas mileage about 25-35%
  • 17′ Viking Ultra Light Travel Trailers are lightweight and surprisingly fuel efficient.  They will reduce your gas mileage about 15-20%
  • Viking A-Frame and Pop Up Tent Campers are the way to go if you are wanting to conserve as much gas as possible, taking only about 10% off of your gas mileage, thanks to their streamlined design and aerodynamic shape.
18. How are campers and trailers different than RVs and Fifth Wheel trailers?

Why stop the adventure once you get to your campsite?  Our selection of tent campers, A-frames, ultra light and travel trailers make it convenient to never stop exploring once you’ve reached your destination. Deceptively easy to tow, trailers are also easier to maneuver through the forests, mountains, and open spaces that you find yourself visiting.  A detachable trailer allows you full use of your vehicle for any errands, sightseeing and side trips that you decide to take!


19. Do you allow pets in any of your campers or vehicles?

Adventure Camper Rentals is a pet-friendly company. You may bring your pet at no additional charge; we only ask that you do a thorough clean up after your pet, before returning the camper. If we can tell that your camper had a pet in it, by the way of odor or residual pet hair, we will charge at minimum, a $100 cleaning fee.

Fido loves to go on adventures as much as we do, but remember, pets need some special attention when it comes to camping:

  • Check to make sure the campsite you’re interested in allows pets. Most do, but some charge an additional fee.
  • Don’t leave your pet unattended in the camper.
  • Keep your pet on a leash.
  • Remember to bring extra water and food for your pet.
  • Clean up after your pet.
  • Keep your pet quiet. No one wants to sleep near a howling or yipping dog.


20. Do you allow smoking in any of your campers or vehicles?

No, our entire fleet is non-smoking. If the campers or vehicles are returned smelling of smoke, we charge a $75 fee (at the minimum) for odor removal. Please be considerate to others and refrain from smoking in our rentals.

We hope you’ve found these questions and answers helpful. If you still have queries, please contact us at 303-680-3670. Our resources and policies also have a lot of helpful information, including a packing list, customer testimonials, and several incredible destination ideas. In addition to our rentals, we have a variety of used campers for sale at very reasonable prices and a professional camper repair team. Whether you’re renting or buying, we look forward to serving you.