Setup Video and Travel Tips

Setting Up Your Camper

Before you start your journey, Adventure Camper Rentals wants you to know all the secrets of the road. For this reason, we’ve compiled the following resources to help save time, money, and hassle when you’re traveling.

Based on decades of our own camping experiences, as well as the advice passed along by our faithful clients, this helpful information will ensure your trip happens without a hitch. The more information you have before you head out, the more fun you’re bound to have, so read these tips and make sure to book your camper todayYou can also contact us at 720/503-0249 with questions.

Setting Up Your Camper

Our Viking® pop-up campers are some of the best campers on the market. Plus, they’re user friendly; you can set them up in 10 minutes or less. This helpful video will teach you how to set upoperate, and tear down your pop-up camper rental, stress free.

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Setup Tips

Below is a brief setup guide that summarizes the video. Follow these instructions when you’re ready to assemble your camper rental:

  1. Undo the roof latches.
  2. Remove the roof crank (inside the door). Insert the crank into the socket and crank the roof up until the crank stops (let the kids do it; it’s easy).
  3. Slide out the front bed, place the bed supports underneath the bed, and attach to the camper frame. Repeat the same process for the rear bed.
  4. Step inside the camper and raise the galley to operational position. Rotate the tent bows to an upright position at the end of the bed. Attach the tent-support bars over the beds.
  5. Unsnap the overhead door. Lower the door into the doorframe. Engage the toggles at the top of the door. Attach the tent fabric to the doorframe with the attached Velcro.
  6. Set up the dinette table.
  7. Attach the bungee cords at the bottom of the tent fabric to the hooks underneath the bed frames.
  8. Have fun!

Towing Tips

Some people avoid camper rentals in Denver because they’re afraid to maneuver them. While large RVs and other motorhomes can be challenging to control, our pop-ups are not. Below are some hints that will help you tow smoothly.

Appropriate Towing Vehicles

Our tent campers and ultra light travel trailers are pretty light, so they’re easy to tow. However, it’s important to make sure your towing vehicle can support them. In general, most trucks and SUVs can tow any of our units. Additionally, minivans and even six-cylinder cars can usually tow a medium or small camper. However, we usually do require permanently mounted Class II hitches with seven-way round wiring connections.

If you’re planning on towing a travel trailer rental, you will need at least a Class III hitch and an electric-trailer brake controller installed on your vehicle. Full size travel trailers are much heavier and require a strong towing vehicle; we require a vehicle with a 6500lb towing capacity for the Milan travel trailers, 3500 lb capacity for the ultra-light travel trailers. For more details on our towing regulations, contact us—or refer to our frequently asked questions.

If you don’t have the correct hitch or wiring, our camper service team can install them for you or recommend an auto shop near you. On the other hand, if your vehicle isn’t powerful enough, we have several towing vehicle rentals available. In fact, our unique camp-and-drive packages, which include a camper and a towing vehicle, are often the perfect solution.

Driving and Towing Tips

If you’ve never towed anything before, the following tips will help you drive safely.

First, slow down. Leave more space between you and the vehicle in front of you than you normally do. Second, shift your transmission down a gear—or even two. Don’t depend on your automatic transmission; be proactive and shift down.

This advice is even more important going downhill. Use your engine and transmission to control your speed. Additionally, make sure you aren’t riding your brakes. This can overheat your breaks, causing them to malfunction. Instead, shift down. This will help your vehicle tow smoothly in the mountains.

Camping Advice

Below are some camping tips that we’ve discovered after years of camping ourselves.

At, our goal is to help you achieve an amazing vacation. Make a reservation online or contact us at 800-250-3184. For more tips and details about renting, read our policies and our customer testimonials. We also offer camper sales. Whether you’re renting or buying, Adventure Camper Rentals looks forward to providing you with affordable vacations, one memory at a time.