Grand Teton

Visiting Grand Teton National Park

Spectacular Vistas and Wildlife Viewing
Introduction Content: The Tetons are America’s ‘youngest’ and one of its most spectacular mountain ranges, headlined by it’s most famous member, the Grand Teton. The Tetons owe their spectacular presentation to the valley from which they spring, Jackson Hole, named by early fur trappers who explored the valley in the early 1800’s.

Seeming to rise nearly 14,000 feet straight out of the valley floor, it is hard to imagine a mountain range with such jaw dropping beauty. Populated by thousands of elk who call the valley home and winter in the valley at the National Elk Refuge, grizzly bears, moose,  and just about any other mountain dwelling animal, this Park combines lots of activities with fantastic views of rivers, mountains and wildlife.

Grand Teton National Park Camping

What to see in Grand Teton?

Dramatic mountain vistas across beautiful rivers and lakes, wildlife viewing around every corner!

Start with a drive from the town of Jackson up to the Snake River Overlook where Ansel Adams took his iconic photo of the Teton Range overlooking the Snake River. Keep driving up to Jackson Lake Lodge and enjoy lunch on the back patio with its awesome views of the Tetons across Jackson Lake. Wildlife viewing abounds, head east along the Gros Ventre River for great moose viewing, hang out at the National Elk Refuge for elk viewing, and hike Cascade Canyon to see just about anything!

Grand Teton National Park Camping

What to do? How much time do you have?

Paddle boarding, river rafting, fly fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, rodeo; Grand Teton has it all.

Let’s start with hiking, miles of surprisingly accessible trails cover river to peak with trails going up just about every canyon into the Tetons. Take the ferry across Jenny Lake to the Cascade Canyon trailhead, easy walking even for kids, filled with wildlife. You want more challenge? Try hiking up Death Canyon then up to Static Divide if you want the lung burner workout. Thrill seeker? Take a guided trip to the top of Grand Teton. Want a more relaxing pursuit, try paddle boarding at String Lake or Lower Slide Lake. Excitement more your thing? Take a river raft trip down the Snake River Canyon. Flyfishing? You are in the flyfishing capital of the world!

Grand Teton Campgrounds

Some campgrounds take advance reservations, others don’t, so plan accordingly. The National Park Service can give information as to what time the grounds usually fill up. Here is my list best to worst.

Please feel free to call us and ask questions about any of the campgrounds, we are happy to help plan your trip.

Some sites with electrical hookups. Beautiful campground with spectacular views of the Tetons, particularly Grand Teton across Jackson Lake. One of the most scenic campgrounds you will ever visit.

located close to Jenny Lake, the traditional heart of the Park. Fantastic views with great access to all of Grand Teton National Park.

located just minutes from the town of Jackson, nestled alongside the Gros Ventre River, well shaded, pretty campground with easy access to the town of Jackson and the nightlife, restaurants and shopping it offers. Great place to spot moose. This campground rarely fills and is a great first night destination after picking up one of our campers, even if you are late in the day.

right on the Yellowstone border and has lots of sites with hookups. Great if you want one centrally located campground to be able to explore both Parks from. Also offers best access to north end of Grand Teton NP and Winegar Hole Wilderness.

a shame to list this one last, very pretty campground, smaller and more private than the others with great views across Jackson Lake to the Tetons.