Ultralight Travel Trailer Camper Sales

Denver Ultralight Campers for Sale

Denver Ultralight Campers for Sale

Perfect for the suburban adventurer or a small family on a budget, these travel trailers will get you on the road to your next adventure quickly and conveniently.

When shopping for a new travel trailer, you may come across campers labeled as “ultralight.” Ultralight travel trailers are an exceptional value in the world of towable campers. However, the term is sometimes miss-used and can be slightly misleading.

So, what is an ultralight camper?

For us, an ultralight travel trailer usually weighs in at under 3500lbs and is typically 17’ or less. These campers are very compact, very portable, and they’re easier and cheaper to store. The lighter weight trailers we offer are easily towed by smaller V-6 motors such as those found in a small pickup, an SUV, or a Jeep.

Our Viking trailers provide great entry-level bang for your buck. They are the ideal introduction to the wonderful world of travel trailer getaways – perfect for taking your young family on their first camping adventures.

The Real-Lite travel trailers we carry, while still compact and light, offer upgraded features and higher-grade materials such as fiberglass composite walls. Built for off-road travel, with enhanced construction technology and more ground clearance, these trailers are the right choice for the full backcountry camper experience.

Talk to our expert and friendly staff. We’ll help you make the smart choice, getting you and your family off on your next trailer camping excursion.

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