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Adventure Camper offers camper rentals
out of beautiful Denver, Colorado!

Hiking up the snow-encrusted Rockies, white-water rafting through the Colorado, experiencing the geysers at Yellowstone—the adventures of the West await you! Leave the stress of work and everyday life behind and escape to the serenity and beauty of the great outdoors in a camper rentalMake a reservation online, or contact Adventure Camper Rentals today at 1-303-680-3670.

Our Rental Camper Offerings

Whether you’re taking a romantic getaway or you’re going on a family road trip, we have several camper rentals to meet your specific needs. Our various models can accommodate between three to eight people comfortably. Our camper rentals range from small to large and come with varying amenities. At Adventure Camper we have a wide selection of options for your vacation.


Easy-to-handle, fuel-efficient, and comfortable, pop-ups are our specialty. These affordable campers can make camp anywhere—from comfortable campsites to rugged backwoods trails. Look forward to nature at your doorstep wherever you choose.


These hard-sided campers for rent are slightly larger and more luxurious than the popups. If you don’t like to rough it while you camp, you can look forward to indoor showers, toilets, and even air conditioning.


If you’ll be flying to Denver, Colorado for vacation, make sure to reserve our unique camp-and-drive deal. This special package includes one of our tent trailers and a powerful vehicle rental to tow it with. If you arrange it ahead of time, we can also pick you up from any local airports.

Our accessories make your trip even smoother. Whether you choose a bike rack, a generator, or an outdoor grill, these inexpensive extras add even more convenience.

We take great pride in the quality of our camper rentals. All of them are spotlessly cleaned, well maintained, and recent models. Our on-site camper repair team also regularly services them to ensure they’re ready to hit the road, going through a 30+ point inspection after/before each and every rental. These campers are the key to an affordable, enjoyable vacation. View our rental rates.

Setup and Usage Guidance

We want your trip to go well, so we provide a personal orientation on the day of your pickup to make sure you know how to set-up, use and operate your home away from home.

Our Viking travel trailers are easy and fast to set up, basically just level the camper at your campsite and un-hook. Renting a pop-up but never set up a pop-up before? Don’t sweat it.  Please watch our setup video prior to pickup, then our orientation employees will take you through your camper hands on. If you have questions later, simply call our 24/7 support team.

Campers vs. Motorhomes

Many customers ask about the difference between motorhomes and campers. At Adventure Camper we rent towable trailers, either hard sided travel trailers, A-Frames (hard sided pop-ups) or pop-up tent campers. Though we’ve had countless opportunities to become a motorhome RV rental facility, we’ve chosen to specialize in towable trailers. The following points explain why we favor towables:

1. PortabilityA motorhome takes up a lot of space on the highway, and in the campground. Ever wonder if the person driving the motorhome needs a special license? You don’t, but a motorhome is an unwieldy vehicle, motorhomes are more difficult to park, drive, and maneuver than trailers. Our pop-ups, ultralight travel trailers and A-Frames are easy to handle and can duck around tight corners with the greatest of ease.

2. Cost EfficiencyNot only is renting a camper less expensive than a motorhome, but the money saved on gas is significant. Most Class C motorhomes only get around 6-8 MPG until you get into a diesel motorhome which are very expensive. Yes a trailer will reduce your MPG, but nothing near the mileage of a motorhome. This helps you save even more money while you’re on the road.

3. Flexibility: Camper rentals give you more freedom. Since they’re more compact and easier to tow, they’re allowed to camp in places that motorhomes aren’t. Additionally, you can unhitch the camper and use your vehicle to run errands, sight-see, and take daytrips. A trailer is a quick way to see all the nooks and crannies of the Wild West. You don’t have to break camp to go buy hot dog buns!

Why we choose Viking

While we clearly prefer campers, we don’t rent just any brand. Adventure Camper is very particular about providing you with the most dependable, comfortable, and resilient camper—Viking®. In the past we’ve experimented with different brands, but we’ve decided on Viking because it’s one of the best values in the industry.

Along with our high-quality Denver camper rental options, our car rental fleet books quickly as well. Make your reservation today to ensure you camp with for your next trip, vacation, or getaway. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-303-680-3670 with questions. You can also refer to our FAQs, policies, packing list, and other resources for planning help. If you want to make camping a lifestyle, ask about our campers for sale at affordable prices.