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Crested Butte Colorado
May 2, 2017
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May 16, 2017

Hello again Campers! It’s your friendly former park ranger, back again to give you some tips to keep you safe on your camping adventures. Today we will be talking about a subject we at Adventure Camper get asked about a lot: camping in bear country.

Camping in travel trailers is a great way to explore bear country. Adventure Camper has several different brands you can choose from. With Real-lite, SolAire, Sonoma and Viking trailers in stock and available, you can find the right fit for your camping trip to bear country. Hard sided trailers, like the ones we carry, are great options for camping in bear territory. Many times, National Forests will require hard-sided trailers to camp in specific areas. This offers campers a certain level of protection against bears, but what else can keep you safe in bear country? I will offer up some of the best ideas for keeping you and your family safe on vacation.

  1. Clean up your campsite – never leave food, coolers, or even candles outside after you are done with them. Store your food either in your vehicle, or in bear lockers provided by the camp site. This will help prevent bears from wandering into your campsite in search of food.
  2. Reduce campsite odors – We know that people often go fishing on their trips, and those fish can make a great dinner. One thing you do not want to do is cook something with a strong odor in your camper. Bears have a fantastic sense of smell, and they will follow their nose to food. Try to minimize the strong smells from within your camper. Clean up inside after meals to minimize food smells, and cook particularly pungent meals outside.
  3. Remember, you are in bear territory – Don’t go searching for bear encounters to put on Instagram or Facebook. Bears have limited patience, and we should not try to test that patience. If a bear notices you, you are too close. Talk in a low voice and back away from the bear. Do not make eye contact and do not run. Running may cause the bear to chase you, and not even Usain Bolt can outrun a bear.
  4. Carry bear spray when hiking – Bear spray is an effective deterrent to bears without causing permanent damage to the animal. Many people believe carrying a gun will protect them from an attacking bear, but in most cases bear spray is more effective. Shooting a bear can cost you in the end. While it is legal to carry a gun in National Parks, discharging them for any reason is still illegal. The burden of proof is upon you to prove your life was in danger. Bear spray is effective, efficient, and will protect you from the bear and the law.
  5. Use your brain – Common sense is your best friend in bear country. Learning Leave No Trace techniques, following posted signs and regulations, and preparing in advance will help you stay safe on your vacation.

We hope these techniques are helpful to you, fellow campers. We here at Adventure Camper want you to enjoy your vacation in your new SolAire, Viking, or Real-Lite trailer. If you have questions about buying or renting a trailer, or about how to stay safe while camping in your new travel trailer, we are more than happy to be of help! Give us a call, email, or even stop in to see us at our Littleton, Colorado location. As always you can visit us online at and like our Facebook page at Until next time campers, stay safe and Adventure On!

By Nate Landon

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