Bryce Canyon

A Forest of Stone

There is no place like Bryce Canyon. Hoodoos (odd-shaped pillars of rock left standing from the forces of erosion) can be found on every continent, but here is the largest collection of hoodoos in the world! Descriptions fail. Photographs do not do it justice. Bring your sense of wonder and imagination when visiting Bryce Canyon National Park. Bryce Canyon is a park that you could easily spend 4 hours or 4 days at!

What to See

So many things to do at Bryce. You’ll most likely visit twice!

A truly unique American experience, Bryce canyon offers so much more than the incredible, other-worldly vistas of hoodoos.  


The main atraction of Bryce Canyon are the un-interupted view points. Stop by Sunrise, Sunset, Inspiration and Bryce viewpoints to capture unique landscape photogrpahs or to simply bask in the awe of mother nature. Better yet? Take the drive to Rainbow Point (18 miles one way) and stop at all 13 viewpoints on oyr way back to the visitor center.

Ranger Programs

Bryce Canyon offers extensive Ranger programs including: Geology Talks (year round), Rim Walk (Spring, Summer and Fall), Kids Programs (Summer), Evening Programs (Summer and Fall), Full Moon Hikes (Nights that offer Full Moons during Spring, Summer and Fall), Astronomy Programs and Snowshoe Hikes. All information available at the Visitor Center for sign up. Please note that the Full Moon hikes work off a lottery system that will be announced the day of the hike.


Are you a fan of unique festivals? Bryce Canyon has you set! Visit them for the Geology Fesitval, the Prairie Dog Festival, and the Astronomy Festival!


One of the easiest ways to explore the park, Bryce offers hiking routes for every comfort level! Make sure that you’re practicing good hiking habits by respecting the surrounding nature (remember, don’t take anything but pictures!) and abiding by the “pack it in, pack it out” practice.


Hiking levels vary not only on the hiker, but how we feel that day! These are the easiest hikes that also reward you with mesmerizing views.

8 miles round trip; this easy streamside trail will bring you up to a mossy overhand and small waterfall.  Water will flow from May to October.

11 miles round trip; This paved and level hike is more about distance than altitude.  Wander through the rim while taking in hoodoo vistas.

1 mile round trip; You wouldn’t necessarily think the desert is the best location for a spruce-fir forest hike, let this hike change that idea!


For those looking for a bit more of a challenge and some elevation.

1.3 miles round trip; Beginning at the Sunset Point Viewpoint, you’ll head into the canyon’s amphitheatre through a “slot” canyon sprinkled with douglas fir trees.

4.3 miles round trip; despite its name, this scenic hike brings you into one ofthe lesser known areas within the canyon.

4 miles round trip; the best way to see the hoodoos up close and personal!


We came here to explore! And we will!

5.5 miles round trip; A steep and spectacular hike through the Bryce Amphitheatre.  Combined with the Navajo Trail, you get to see the best parts of Bryce.

8.5 miles round trip; I hope you’re prepared for high elevations! This scenic hike from Rainbow point down through varied forests bring you to the floor of the canyon.  A unique experience and perspective.

Camping in Bryce Canyon

North Campground-Located close to the Visitor Center, the Bryce Canyon lodge and the Bryce Amphitheatre.  This is a mixed use campground, offering 13 reservable RV sites, and 86 first come, first served RV and Tent sites.  At least one loop of the campground is open year long for RV.  There are no hookups available at the campground, however there are restrooms available.